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Tiny ACME client to respond to DNS challenges

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acme-dns-tiny is a Python 3 script able to request TLS certificates to a CA server providing an ACME interface.
The server has just to be compliant with the ACME RFC created by the Let's Encrypt project.

The main goal of acme-dns-tiny is not to rewrite the official cert-bot client but to give administrators a simple script easy to integrate in their environment. So you won't find all challenges defined in the RFC, but only the dns-01 challenge available.

acme-dns-tiny is a fork of the acme-tiny project, but it has slightly diverged to:

Status of latest acme-dns-tiny

master build status master coverage status

As the ACME RFC is still under development (its current status is « draft »), the acme-dns-tiny status is also currently in development.

Although we have some stable releases that you can use on your server (as the current one 😉).
Please see our Gitlab page to find the latest release.


To run acme-dns-tiny, you'll need at least:

Then you have to give access to the user running the script to (not root !):

Code and documentation

This project is under the MIT license as its parent acme-tiny, you'll find all code and documentation on its Gitlab site: https://projects.adorsaz.ch/adrien/acme-dns-tiny/.
A mirror of the code is also available on Github : https://github.com/Trim/acme-dns-tiny

You'll find the acme-dns-tiny community XMPP news there: xmpp.pubsub://acme-dns-tiny@community.adorsaz.ch.
To read news from this pubsub, you can use one instance of the Movim services (they include RSS feeds too) as the adorsaz.ch Movim pod.